Registration fee

The registration and resort fees are two separate payments, paid per person. The registration fee is to start the process of matching individuals with suitable roommates and reserves your place on your chosen departure date. The registration fee is non-refundable in all circumstances. If you have travelled with air-pro before you are entitled to a refund of your registration fee, but this will only be refunded after the first half of the resort fee has been successfully paid to Air Pro. Please note that if you cancel your place after you have paid the first half of the resort fee you will not be entitled to the refunded registration fee as it will be kept and used as your cancellation fee of £68.

Resort fee

The resort fee can be paid in two instalments. The first instalment – which will be a minimum of 50% of the option fee – must be paid 2 weeks after you have paid your registration fee. The remaining 50% must be paid 12 weeks before your dedicated departure date. However, if you are leaving within 10 weeks of your chosen departure date the option fee will need to be paid in full within 2 weeks of making your booking. If you have booked your place within 8 weeks of travelling, your option fee will need to paid in full at the time of booking.

If you need to change your departure date and wish to avoid the cancellation fee, we require 12 weeks written notice for you to receive your resort fee. Verbal notification will not be accepted. Your registration fee is non-refundable.
Changes made to departure dates should be made within one week of Air Pro receiving your registration fee. If you change your chosen resort or departure date after the week cut off, there will be a change fee of £21. Please note that changing your date is subject to availability.


Should you wish to cancel your confirmed booking, notification must be made in writing. Verbal notification is not sufficient. The following charges will apply from the date at which written notification is received by Air Pro (this is to compensate for estimated losses and expenses):
90 – 61 days: 50% of the total cost of your resort fee.
60 – 1 days: 100% of the total cost of the resort fee.
Please note that registration fees are non-refundable.


Once booked, the price of your holiday is fully guaranteed and will not be subject to any surcharges. We reserve the right to revise prices for new bookings. The price that we confirm at the time of booking is the price you pay.


Services not included in your booking are your flight, holiday insurance, extra hotel room keys, personal expenses (food, drinks, laundry etc.).


All extra activities such as themed bar crawls, pool parties, booze cruises etc., are not included in the price and will be subject to availability at the reps discretion. There may be added charges for some activities and the reps will advise you of the costs.


Air Pro is not liable for any travel arrangements to your departing airport. Neither are we liable for any losses and/or expenses incurred as a result of individuals booking flights or applying for positions with a third party. If you book your flight without consulting with Air Pro, you will not be entitled to an airport pick-up or greeting at your selected destination. Air Pro will not be held liable for any changes/delays or cancellations for your flights. The flight company with which you booked should be contacted as your contract is with them.

Flights home are not the responsibility of Air Pro or the reps. It’s down to the individual to make sure they have the correct funds to fly home. Please remember that the reps are there to help you book flights and give advice as to your travel back home but it is down to the client to book and pay for the flights home. It is also not the responsibility of Air Pro or the reps to supply transfers to the airport, it is down to the individual to organise this for themselves.


If the behaviour of any individual causes offence, danger, damage or distress to others we reserve the right at all times to cancel or terminate the booking. If this situation arises, Air Pro responsibility will cease and the company is under no obligation to cover expenses incurred and will not consider or accept any claims for compensation, refunds, deposits or rent paid whatsoever.


To enable us to offer you efficient and professional services, we are committed to on-going training, part of which sometimes involves the recording of phone calls.


All information supplied to Air Pro by its members is treated in the strictest confidence and is subject to the Data Protection Act. We promise to provide you with the best possible service, however certain holidays may only operate if minimum numbers are attained and we therefore have the right to cancel your booking if that minimum number is not achieved. It is, however, unlikely that we will have to make any changes to your working holiday as plans are made months in advance. We do however, reserve the right to make changes at any time should the need arise.


On an active group holiday if you participate in the activities it is necessary that you abide by the authority of the tour leader. The tour leader is not an employee of the Company, however, they are appointed by the Company to guide your tour. The tour leader is not responsible for any activity which you undertake, because you are in the best position to know your own individual competence with respect to any activity you engage in. If you commit any illegal act when on the trip or if in the opinion of the tour leader your behaviour is causing or likely to cause danger, distress or annoyance to others we may terminate your travel arrangements without any liability on our part. If you are affected by any condition, medical or otherwise, that might affect your or other people’s enjoyment of the trip; you must advise us of this at the time of booking. It is the reps job to guide you in the best action to take to find work. They are there to help, give advice and point you in the right direction. Finding and keeping a job is up to the individual and will involve talking to managers, turning up for interviews on time, behaving professionally and following manager’s instructions just as you would expect to at home. It is not Air Pro nor the reps responsibility if you do not find work whilst under the direction of the reps.

If a transfer is provided by Air Pro, It will not be the Air Pro reps responsibility to meet you at the airport, it will in fact be an employed third party employed by Air Pro to collect you from the airport (transfers are currently only offered for Tenerife).
If you are unsatisfied with the reps help it is your responsibility to inform the office in the UK before you come back to the UK. This way it can be resolved as quickly as possible, and if it is brought to light after you have come home, no further action may be taken.


Accommodation supplied by Air Pro is only for you and your selected roommates and may be subject to a small deposit.

If anyone, apart from your selected roommates are found in or proved to have resided in the accommodation without the knowledge or written consent of your representative, you will be asked to leave the accommodation without notice.
If you or any of your roommates damage the accommodation (or contents) or break any of the rules or regulations relating to the occupation of the apartment, you are required by the owner of the accommodation to leave. You then forfeit your right to reclaim your deposit.

If you deny a representative the right of entry, you will be immediately struck off the Air Pro database without further notice and will be required to leave the accommodation. The amount of time you spend in the accommodation is at the discretion of Air Pro, pending all rules and regulations are adhered to.

Any deposit will need to be reclaimed in your destination and not in the UK after your arrival. Failure to reclaim in your destination will result in the loss of your deposit.
It is your responsibility to pay your deposit to the landlord and to no other person, including the representative. Only the landlord can issue a receipt to prove payment. Air Pro is not responsible if rent or deposit is paid to anyone else but the landlord.
You also understand that the accommodation is only available for the period set out in your confirmation letter.

Air Pro cannot predict how strict the hotel management will be with noise levels after dark so you should always ask your reps on arrival as to what noise levels are currently deemed acceptable. Those wanting quiet nights should always expect the worst. Hotels have the right to remove persistent offenders so if you are warned please take this seriously as Air Pro will not be held responsible if you are evicted!

Most apartments will sleep between 2/6 people this will be with a mixture of beds and sofa beds in a mixture of studio – 1 bedroom – 2 bedroom apartments. If you are concerned about sleeping on a sofa bed please make the UK office aware of this when making your booking and we will try to secure a bed for you. The longer you leave this the harder it will be for us to make a bed available. Special arrangements cannot be made when you are in your chosen resort.

Air Pro group number vary by departure dates and are normally between 6 to 12 people per group, Air Pro can change this number depending on the popularity of a resort and month.

If you feel a roommate is abusive, aggressive or disrespectful and you would like them removed from your apartment, please contact the UK office whilst in resort and we will conduct an immediate and thorough investigation. If the complaint is brought to light after you have come home or move out, no further action may be taken.


If you are prevented from travelling, you may transfer your booking to another person provided they meet all the requirements relating to that holiday. A transfer fee of UK£80/Euro100/US$140/AUS$150/CAD$200 will be payable, and must be paid in full at the time of change. Additional costs such as airline tickets and permit fees may also be payable. Should you transfer your booking to another person, you will both be jointly and severally liable for payment of the holiday price and other associated expenses.
If you wish to change your trip to a different date or resort there is a one week (7 days) period immediately after your registration date when you can change this free of charge. If you change your booking more than 7 days after you register then there will be a charge of £21 pounds for changing the date or resort.


Before you come on the holiday you must be covered by insurance, any claims concerning matters for which you are insured must be directed to your insurers.


If you have any complaint about the holiday, you must make it known at the earliest opportunity to the tour leader and/or the local representative, who will normally be able to take appropriate action. If you are not satisfied with their response and you feel your enjoyment of the holiday is likely to be significantly affected, you should notify our UK office by phone or email before you book a return flight home so we have an opportunity to resolve any problems you may have with your hotel, roommates or reps, and we will do our best to resolve the problem. If a complaint is made after the trip we may not be able to take any further action and this will affect any claims for refunds or compensation.

Air Pro do not take any responsibility for any complaints regarding accommodation noise or disturbance. You are able to ask the reps for advice and support you when it is noisy at night but it is not their responsibility to make sure you have an undisturbed night’s sleep. Please go direct to the hotel as they are in charge of noise levels at night. The resorts are normally based in lively and vibrant areas so there may be noise levels you aren’t used to. Any complaints regarding noise will not be taken further and you will be referred back to the Manager of the hotel/apartment complex. The reps will try to help and advise you as to what you can do,but noise levels are not their responsibility. Only the Manager of the hotel/apartment complex can assist you.


Air Pro is unable to help you with regard to any employment issues once you have accepted a job. Any complaints regarding your employer, fellow workers, or workplace should be taken up with your employer. Any complaints including those regarding being mistreated, wages payment complaints, wages, unfair dismissal and harassment complaints should be taken up with your employer or an employment lawyer. The reps are there to offer guidance and advice but it is down to the individual and their employer to resolve any disputes. Therefor complaints about the work place will not be taken further by Air-Pro and you will be told to seek independent legal advice.

The content on this website and the advice given by our advisers is based on the previous seasons’ statistics and can only be used as pre-season guidance as the popularity of a resort can change from season to season. Air Pro cannot guarantee you will like or get the jobs listed as everyone is different and has different personalities, abilities and social skills.


Any flights forming part of the holiday arrangements are subject to the conditions of the carrying airline, which in most cases limit the airline’s liability to the passenger in accordance with International Law and conventions. Copies of the conditions of carriage and any conventions which may apply are available on request from your airline.
Flights home are not the responsibility of Air Pro or the reps. It’s down to the individual to make sure they have the correct funds to fly home. Please remember that the reps are there to help you book flights and give advice as to your travel back home but it is down to the client to book and pay for the flights home. It is also not the responsibility of Air Pro or the reps to supply transfers to the airport, it is down to the individual to organise this for themselves.


Veterans will pay a discounted registration fee. The veterans discount is only available to persons who have already travelled with Air Pro before and is only available for working holidays. Please note friends travelling with you will not be entitled to this offer and veteran places are limited. Air Pro also has the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

Veterans who have travelled with Air Pro before are entitled to a refund of your registration fee, but this will only be refunded after the first half of the resort fee has been successfully paid to Air Pro. However, if you cancel your place after you have paid the first half of the resort fee you will not be entitled to the refunded registration fee as it will be kept and used as your cancellation fee (£68).


As per our terms and conditions we will not pay any compensation, reimburse expenses, or cover losses for any amount or otherwise accept responsibility if we have to change your Package after booking, or we, or our suppliers, cannot supply your Package, or you suffer any loss or damage of any description, as a result of circumstances beyond our control. When we refer to circumstances beyond our control, we mean any event that we, or the supplier in question, could not foresee or avoid, even after taking all reasonable care. Such circumstances will usually include, but are not limited to, war, terrorist activity, civil unrest, industrial dispute, bad weather (actual or threatened) and significant building work outside your accommodation, which is not known to us in advance of your departure date and building work from a third party (such as resort development).

IMPORTANT – please note

Air Pro cannot accept liability or pay compensation if a holiday is cancelled or if changes to your holiday due to war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disasters, fire or adverse weather conditions or any other reasons out of our control amounting to force majeure. We ask all clients to purchase adequate insurance to cover them for such eventualities.

Although Air Pro uses all reasonable endeavours to ensure that introductions to members seeking introductions for roommates fall within the category of persons specified by them on their application form, it will not accept responsibility if, through no fault of its’ own, any such person introduced does not fall within such category.
You understand that if the authorities or council decide to close the club or bar where you work that Air Pro cannot be held responsible for the council or authorities’ decision.
All the information given in the website is collected from the facts and figures from previous seasons of Air Pro trips. We cannot be held responsible if the peak season months differ each year. We calculate the average wage from the previous year’s data, and again cannot be responsible if this changes in the next year.


In order to process your booking and to ensure that your travel arrangements run smoothly and meet your requirements we need to use the information you provide (such as name, address, any special needs/dietary requirements etc.). We take full responsibility for ensuring that proper security measures are in place to protect your information. We must pass the information on to the relevant suppliers of your travel arrangements such as, hotels, transport companies etc. The information may also be provided to public authorities such as customs/immigration if required by them, or as required by law.

Additionally, outside the European Economic Area (EEA), controls on data protection in your destination may not be as strong as the legal requirements in this country. We will only however, pass any information onto any person responsible for part of your travel arrangements. This applies to any sensitive information that you give to us such as details of any disabilities, or dietary/religious requirements. (If we cannot pass this information to the relevant suppliers – whether in the EEA or not – we cannot provide you with a booking. In making a booking, you consent to this information being passed on to the relevant persons.)


Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. Air Pro uses cookies to recognize when you return to Cookies also enable us to gain information about the use of our services and to improve our site according to the preferences of our customers. Air Pro Experience cookies do not contain any personally identifying information.


Air Pro will never sell personal information. Our employees and associated companies are obliged by us to respect confidentiality. We will not use your information, or the information provided by you regarding friends or others in your party, for any purpose other than carrying out your booking or, provided you have requested it, to inform you of offers in the future.

By applying to become a member of Air Pro you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions and that acceptance of your application by Air Pro will create a legally binding contract between Air Pro and yourself.


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