• HOME

    Your hotel is only as good as the energy you put in – Love life – Love people – love Air Pro

  • JOE

    Just wanted to do 4 weeks – Loving the hotel – Things to do in Zante apart from drinking – Info on booking up – Help on Facebook.


    Just wanted a Long holiday, no stress – The Air Pro family – Hotel life Recovering from previous night.

  • ALEX

    Benefits of going solo – Hotel life – Nervous about coming out solo – Facebook chat and advice – Gas girl job


    Why he’s called big fish – 2 months in resort Staff manager – Bartender – Scottish legend Buzzing off cool, sound people – Job advice


    Working as a PR – Loving life – Job advice – Stuff to do when you’re not working – Reps The benefits of coming away with Air Pro

  • SHAY

    Difference between Bar work and gas girl – Chilling in the day – Resort activities – 2nd season was better – Hotel life

  • AMY

    First group – Benefits of going solo – hotel life – Getting trials and finding work – Wanted a long holiday

  • KANE & CO

    Working behind the bar with an Air Pro team – Keeping healthy – Avoiding burn out Zante life – Hotel life – Group activities.

  • HUGH

    Life’s a beach – Activities in Zante – Meeting new groups – Going solo First time away – Loving Zante life


    Heading home – Gutted – Hotel life 3’rd season – Balancing work and partying – 100% coming back again – Welsh legend


    3rd season in Zante – Why he comes back Working as a barman – Hours – Nights off Greek bosses

  • AMY

    First season – First few days were tough Tips on bonding and how to get involved Booked up 3 days before she came out – Jet set


    Working behind the pool bar at the Air Pro hotel – 3rd season working abroad – Helping Guests Meeting new people – Hotel life – Self-development.

  • LIAM

    First group – Benefits of going solo – Hotel life – Nervous about coming out solo – Wanted a long holiday.

  • Zoe & Clair

    First impressions of the hotel – Looking for jobs – Only staying for the 4 weeks – Types of jobs available

  • EDD

    Talking about his bar job and what it’s like How trials work – Help from reps Just arrived in resort – Hotel life – Zante life

  • STU

    Life as a barman at sizzle – hours – wages 2nd season – help with booking up – reps fancy dress nights – drinking tips – hotel rules


    Working as a dancer and Shot girl – Advice on relationships and not having them Hotel life – Rules of the hotel – Group activities

  • JEN

    Crazy Jen – Hotel Life – Solo traveller – Working as a Ticket seller and Pr


    3rd season – Why he keeps coming back – How it Helped him grow as a person – Hotel life – Family vibe – Doing the full season


    Job waiting tables – Advice on getting jobs – Wages – Hotel life – Help from Reps


    First impression of the hotel – Benefits of coming with Air Pro – Talking about jobs and holiday mode


    Been out 2 months – Hotel life Working as a Pr – Loving life

  • AMY

    Trail as a waitress tonight – Talking to people before you go- Help from reps


    Working as a Pr at Players – Hours – Coming out solo – Meeting new people


    Talking about his first week in resort Zante life – Hotel life – Help from reps

  • LEM

    What happens when you arrive in Zante – Working as a Pr with a massive Air Pro team – Zante life – Hotel life – Group activities


    Benefits of going solo – Hotel life – Nervous about coming out solo – Working as a barman – Hours

  • LIAM

    Benefits of coming out on the first group Life as a Pr – What happens after work – Hotel life – Hotel bar after work


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