Taking the top spot as the most popular resort and for good reason! Zante is the most beautiful and cleanest resort you will find with a crazy nightlife which really doesn’t match its beauty. It’s very similar to Tenerife in the way that the bar managers are very open minded to give a chance to people who may not have experienced working away before – as long as they’re eager to learn. Perfect for first time workers, looking for their first job abroad.


Best time to get jobs in Zante is in early May and then again in early/mid-June this is the best time to get the best jobs in the best bars. But not only that it’s the best time to settle in, as things aren’t too crazy, like in July and you can network and find your feet, much easier.


Zante is probably the easiest resort to get bar work, for some reason people here, just don’t seem to want to do it – Also Zante is also probably one of the few resorts you can find bar work in hotels, if you come out in May.


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Barman at Sizzle – Hours & Wages


  • How do you help me find work?

    Finding work abroad can only be achieved by being in resort and taking trials. Our reps are the envy of all the other companies because of the way we train them – when you get into resort we don’t just chuck you into a trial – our reps are trained by the best workers in their field and that knowledge is passed down to you.

    In your training, we work on 3 main areas that are needed to work abroad – communication – body language and most important of all your pitch. This is done in a friendly and fun way using role-play and acting techniques getting you confident and experienced in whatever job you decide to go for.

  • How do trials work?

    Once you’re ready, your reps will help fix you up with trials in the jobs you wish to do – we strongly recommend attending one of our weekly training sessions which provides you with a platform to learn all the hints and tips – engage in role plays which in turn will boost your confidence as walking into trials already knowing what you’re doing, always helps.

    Normally it only takes one or two trials MAX to get the job, if they ask you to come back a 3rd time we would advise being cautious as a few bar owners are sneaky and like free workers – your reps will advise you in resort which bars are legitimate.

  • Is this only for people from the UK and Ireland?

    Air pro is open to everyone from all over the world, the more nationalities the better – we are one big family and we love everyone.

  • How does training work?

    On day 3 our reps will train you up on the most common jobs in resort (PR – Shot Selling – Ticket selling) and give you the best tips, advice and inside info gathered from all the best workers. They will transform you into the ultimate worker with great earning potential, all you need is confidence and the ability to talk and chat people up we’ll take care of the rest!

  • What skills are needed to work abroad

    All you need is the ability to leave your old life back at home – find your inner confidence and talk to people – you’re not selling windows to old people you’re just selling a good time to tourists.

  • How many days do I work

    During peak season, you will usually work 6/7 days a week but work is fun anyway you won’t even notice.

  • What happens if I get fired?

    If you get fired, you need to get back up on the horse straight away don’t waste any time in finding another job unless you are craving a break from the madness (you won’t)

  • What happens if I don’t want to work?

    Air Pro isn’t just for people who want to work, our hotel is the perfect place to go for a long holiday too. This is the place to be, for people who are sick of their 9 to 5 jobs, failed relationships or incredibly boring mates, talking about the same guff day in day out…

    When you come away with Air Pro you will be invited into a new way of life, with new people from all over the world, all looking kick back and relax and meet new people. You’ll have all the benefits of the workers with the Air Pro wristband, giving you discounts on food drink and excursions, you get to go to all the worker’s parties, bar crawls and theme nights and you don’t have to work at all…

  • What’s the best paying jobs?

    The best paid job if you are driven is ticket selling (50 to 300 Euro per day) you can make huge commission on selling for certain boat parties, bar crawls etc. After that jelly girls can make some great money ranging from 60 to 150 Euro per night – but to hit the big numbers you have to be a machine and be 100% money motivated.

  • Where is the easiest resort to work in?

    By far Zante – this resort has the most chilled managers, who are willing to give people the chance to find their feet and settle in – perfect for first time workers who might be a little nervous at first.

  • What happens if I can’t do it?

    All workers will tell you it takes time to settle down when you start a new job in the UK or Abroad – you will need to give it at least 3 days to get into the swing of things so don’t panic if things don’t click the first few days, you’re just finding your feet.

  • What happens if there are no jobs?

    The simple answer is that there is always jobs somewhere people leave there employment everyday so just don’t be disheartened if you don’t find it the first time you look – you need to be proactive as the jobs will not come to you

  • Can I get paid into my UK bank?

    You will more than likely be paid cash in hand nightly or weekly depending on how your manager likes to do things.

  • What’s the easiest job to do?

    They all require some balls and common sense, all jobs are pretty much seen as equal I wouldn’t be able to put a finger on the easiest, maybe jelly girl or PR its depends on the individual.

  • What’s the hardest job to do?

    The hardest job is ticket selling as it requires you to talk to completely random people who may not want to do anything your selling so it can be frustrating. But if your good it can be the best paid job on the island.

  • Do I get free drinks when I work?

    Yes! Most of the jobs you will find like to supply you with drinks to loosen you up, but don’t get paralytic or else you will no longer have a job to go back too.

  • Should I take a CV?

    Only if you are heading to Ibiza you will require a CV, just make sure it is all relevant to working in a party atmosphere as bosses in Ibiza can be fussy with this and how you look.

  • Do I need a working visa?

    To work for a short period as a European citizen you will not need any sort of visa – if you’re working outside of Europe (Australia – USA – Canada – New Zealand) you would need to either get a work visa or get cash in hand work 100% of ticket sellers and 60% of bars and clubs are also paying their staff cash in hand– which is great if you’re coming from outside the EU

  • When do I get paid?

    This would depend on where you’re working but most bars/clubs will pay workers either nightly or weekly and a few monthly. It’s best to ask these questions to the reps when you get the job as some clubs have different systems. Payment of your wages will usually be by cash. A few bars/clubs may ask for a retainer usually of one week’s wages. This is to protect them and encourage you to give them the notice period you agreed on when accepting the job. So long as you give them enough notice when you leave to find a replacement then this money will be refunded to you.

  • What hours will I be working?

    If you are working in one of the bars on the Strip expect to work from 8:00pm until 2:30am but you may not get out until later as you will need to help pack away. If you’re working at a club your work hours can be anywhere from 10:00pm until 6:00am.

    Most bars/clubs will give you one day off a week so, try and get the Friday off as it’s the Air-Pro bar-crawl and we love everyone to get involved all summer

  • What do commission jobs pay?

    If you’re a Jelly girl in low season you should be making (25-40 Euros per shift) in peak season this should rise to (50-100 Euros Per shift) but this is 100% commission so when working, you need to be on it and engaging with as many customers as possible – if you snooze…. you lose!
    Ticketing in May is pointless, but at the end June beginning of July you should be making (25 – 80 Euros per day), the end of July and August you should see this rise to (50 – 300 Euros per day). You get back, what you put in with this job so starting at 3pm is not going to make you the big money – Good ticket sellers are out at 10AM hitting the new arrivals with money to burn and making easy sales

  • It’s my first time away?

    For those who have never worked abroad before we would recommend Zante as your first resort – Don’t worry Air Pro Reps provide full training for all the jobs in resort, give you all the hints and tips from the very best workers around.

    Why not check out our mini Documentary which shows you exactly what happens when you go away with Air Pro and what to expect when you land in resort!


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