Your Reps

  • What do my reps do?

    Air Pro believe that the reps are the foundation of your working holiday. Unlike most other companies where reps are trained to sell excursions and then forget about you, our independent reps are chosen solely to give you the best chance of finding work and giving you the best experience and advice throughout your stay

  • Employment and training

    Your reps work very hard for you and will give you all the info on your chosen resort. You’ll be 100% up to date with all the latest wages, working hours, best places to work and what managers are looking for from their staff. On request, they will even demonstrate interview scenarios and working role-plays so you feel comfortable having interviews and doing your chosen job … and doing it well.

  • Bonding your group

    Your first 3 days with your reps are awesome – bar crawls – pool parties – discounted booze cruise and other excursions. Each week when a new group lands and you meet more and even MORE people. This is without a doubt why people keep coming back with Air Pro each year.

  • Safety

    Above everything, we believe you should be in a safe and hassle-free environment – which is why our reps and trained for 7 days solid, to deal with any situation that could arise and not only that, their also trained to spot and deal with situations before they even happen, another reason our reps are considered the best in the business.

  • Why do I pay a rep’s fee?

    The reps once in resort are in charge of their own money and since the rep’s fee is a part of the package its payment is mandatory. This is their wage and all together it works out that over the month you pay them around 90c a day and when you meet them you will soon realise that they will work extremely hard to make sure that you are having the best time possible

  • Do the reps help me with a flight home

    Yes, if you require a flight home let your reps know they will head down to the internet cafe with you and help you book the best flight.

  • How do I become a rep?

    Most people once they have seen the reps in action want to do it for themselves why not if you like helping people it’s the perfect job there are some requirements you will need at least 1 years’ experience of working abroad you also need to be over 23+ years old.


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