Air Pro was started back in 2003 and was the first ever working holiday company. Our package then included help with flights, registered roommates, safe & friendly accommodation and a helpful rep showing guests the ropes and helping them settle in. 2004 saw the first Party Intro for all of our guests and in 2007 we invented the first Travel Buddies social network. In 2012 we started job training for all guests and over the next four years we were the first to create honest documentary’s and reviews that showed all aspects of working away and what to expect.


For the past 17 years we have been experimenting with different group sizes, hotels, resorts, rep training and tried to find the perfect mix of these things. We set about finding a hotel that could be 100% occupied by our guests and feel like home. The aim was to createan environment where everyone could be relaxed and friendly. Everyone wants a good time but in addition to drinking on the strip we wanted to offer many other things to do and places to explore. We knew the ingredients needed butit was just a matter of finding them all in one place – the holy grail of working holidays.


And then it happened in the summer of 2016 – it all came together. We got exclusive use of a hotel in the friendliest and most stunningly beautiful resort we had ever been to. The owners were amazing and understood all our needs and couldn’t be any friendlier if they tried. We believe that our group size is spot on, not to big not to small, and we actively encourage people to go solo, which has made a massive difference to the vibe in the hotel. Our head rep Casper, who’s lived and breathed Air Pro since 2009, kept everything ticking along with people from all walks of life just getting on with a positive and loving attitude and I think our reviews online show this in abundance.


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