Our hotel is 100% about getting away from stress, letting your hair down and being free to be yourself. There’s no dress code, thinking code, no aggressive or violent behaviour tolerated, just good times with good people. aka the air pro family. You won’t find a friendlier hotel

Situated a 10-minute walk from bars, clubs, shops and beach this hotel could not be better placed with stunning sea views – 2 reps on hand and a pool bar serving drinks and foods 24 hours a day, pool table, sun terrace, Xbox, TV showing films and sports and music 24 hours a day


This hotel is 100% for people who love meeting new people, with new ideas and new stories to tell –the hotel is packed with people from all over the world and with new people landing each week, you’re always going to find someone to chill-out with and enjoy yourself with.




Travelling Alone – Hotel Life & People


Hotel FAQ

  • What’s an average day like?

    Get up when you want – chill by the pool, beach or head out on an excursion or road trip – no two days are ever the same here – there is always stuff going on for people with ants in their pants or a sun terrace for those who love sun. The choice is always yours

  • Can I stay the whole season?

    Yes, depending on availability you can stay the whole summer (May to October) and the rent after the first 4 weeks is only 70 euro per week

  • How many people go solo?

    We firmly believe for true adventure and self-discovery, the only way to go, is solo – we tell everyone this and in return we have groups that are anywhere from 80 to 100% fully solo – this is a great way for everyone to forget their problems – have no attachments and experience real freedom.

  • What are the hotel rules?

    I think most people would agree – safety and the ability to relax – be yourself without worrying is the key to a happy life – We want you to chill by the pool in the day and when you’re not working, exchange thoughts and ideas by night And we want you to you to do this in the best possible atmosphere which is why the hotel has some basic rules to keep you safe and happy No aggressive behaviour – No bulling – No stressing people out

  • When do new group land?

    Each Thursday new groups land and everyone staying at the hotel is invited out to bond, which means a night on the town and drinking-games back at the hotel

  • What makes this hotel different?

    Hotels are like pubs, some have a great space – a great vibe and friendly staff and some simply don’t. When you arrive at an Airpro hotel you can feel the togetherness from day one. There is no better feeling in the world, when you have 70 people loving life and we think our reviews show this beautifully


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