So, what is the best way to work in Ibiza, Zante or Magaluf this summer, Reviews can be
misleading as companies like to pay people off, to remove bad reviews. So, if you’re thinking of
using a company to work abroad what are the questions you need to be asking?

Some companies advertise guaranteed jobs, some make the claim you can apply for jobs
abroad on their website. So where is the catch?

Guaranteed jobs:

Well none of these companies own bars and clubs and even if they did they couldn’t employ
all the people they sent over, so where is the guaranteed jobs? Well some provide staff for
ticket selling companies and some run their own ticket companies, selling tickets to events
on the island, but is this legal? 90% of people walk around and stop random people, this is
100% Illegal and you could be arrested and given a massive fine, even deported. The only
way it’s legal to sell tickets for events is if you work behind a stand, but there’s not that many
these jobs available as they prefer people to do this job who can speak multiple languages.

Job trials:

Some companies think taking a trial is a guaranteed job but you have to complete a trial to
get the job so this is clearly not a guaranteed job!

Applying for jobs online:

Many people are fooled each summer by applying for jobs on websites, they fill out their
name and some basic info about what they want to do, then hay presto, they receive an
email with congratulations you have been successful!!! But if you look at their terms and
conditions it always says something like… “we only help people find employment” there is
no guaranteed job!

The best time to get worker’s apartments for the (full season) is in April or May, right at the
start of the season, once you have this you are set. But when you buy a 4 weeks package
from a working holiday company chances are you’re going to be evicted in June or July
depending on when you head out! And this means you and about 200 other people from
all the other companies will looking for that elusive workers accommodation and this is a
complete nightmare to find. If you ask the company they will say their reps will help you,
but the reality is their reps will just tell you to “start looking 2 weeks before your
accommodation with them ends”

Cancelling your date

Another problem we have seen over the last few years is companies cancelling dates at the
last minute. Your flight is booked, your all set… then sorry… we had to cancel your date. We
are not sure why they do this, maybe they oversold the group maybe they didn’t sell enough.

Questions you should be asking via Email or Facebook and saving!
Why Do this? So you have proof of what you have been told

Follow on questions

  • Q: Is the job I’ll be doing legal?

  • Q: What job will I be doing?

  • Q: What are the wages?

  • Q: Is the job I’ll be doing legal?

Follow on questions

  • Q: How will the reps be helping me?

  • Q: What are the chances of getting more accommodation after the 4 weeks?

  • Q: What are the costs for more accommodation after the 4 weeks?

  • Q What is the deposit I need for accommodation after the 4 weeks?

  • Q: Will I be staying in the Hotel or Apartment your showing online?

  • Q: If not can you show me where I will be staying?

Do you have questions or have you had a bad experience if so let us
know via the contact us page and we might be able to help?


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